About us

About us

About us

Our History

DOT Tech was founded in 2001 as a company specialized in visual and multimedia communication characterized by a strong technological appeal.

DOT Tech specializes in communications and marketing projects offering digital solutions in a time when the web was still a dark thing! We immediately started to collaborate with pharmaceutical companies and organizations operating in the healthcare, offering integrated communication projects.

DOT Tech soon became a Preferred Partner for Multi-national and National Pharmaceutical Companies, offering integrated service solutions matching different marketing needs.




Our Mission

Our keywords are: passion, innovation and creativity. We firmly believe in clear communication with the customer, respecting the given word, budget set, and suggesting the best solution.

We strive to create excellence projects based on precise marketing goals for companies that require high standards of strategy, visibility and technology.

Our digital expertise allows us to approach our customers with an innovative philosophy by offering a full range of multichannel tools and services.





Our Values

Understanding the digital power is the key to pharmaceutical marketing today.

Our team designs and develops digital communication solutions for our customers, following them throughout the project maintenance process.

The digital communication these years has made giant steps and DOT Tech has always been committed to being at the forefront of technology, with the aim of providing its customers with innovative and creative solutions. DOT Tech is much more than a communication agency, it is a highly specialized company.

In the medical-scientific area, professionalism and competence make the difference; in addition to having a solid technological experience, there’s a need for significant support in the medical field able to face every challenge. For in-depth knowledge of the healthcare, DOT Tech works closely with the customer throughout the project development process, from brief analysis to the proposal of multiple solutions, meeting all business needs.