Full organization and management of residential and virtual events; Multisite events, interactive events, congresses and business conventions, promotional events, educational events and ECM events.


Design and management of web magazine, pathology websites, product websites and temporary microsites related to specific projects. Realization of technical and analytics web-platforms and web-repository platforms.


Development of scientific e-learning courses, with and without ECM accreditation, realization of multimedia training and management of team-building programs for events or personalized on sales-force.


Designing of integrated systems for remote patient management.

DOT Tech also implements platforms for communication between clinical centers across the country.


Realization and management of scientific content supported by multimedia and interactive elements; E-visuals, highlights (also edited), planning and management  of DEM and virtual detailing campaigns.

Mobile Applications

Design and implementation of WebApp, native and not native

apps for iOS and Android systems, web portals, responsive management platforms and mobile e-visuals.

Video e Streaming

Direction, video shoot and editing of emotional videos, themes, national and international interviews to OL, 3D video and graphic animation with streaming and live streams for webcasts, live meetings or video-conference.

Graphic animation

Video interviews, motivational videos, infographic and 3D animation.

DOT Tech handles the entire process from script/storyboard to video editing.


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Social Media Marketing

Planning and managing campaigns on social channels. Designing of strategies and techniques to implement for each platform even with DEM integration.


Detection of quality-quantitative

data and analysis with detailed reporting for web campaigns, surveys, online surveys and web analytics. Tracking and analysis of project KPIs.

Strategic Consulting

Strategic consulting, marketing mix and identification of digital strategy for corporate, pathology and product communication, for individual launch or promotion initiatives with a development in the medium term.


Applications and dedicated software platforms: edu-game, augmented reality, VR headsets, functional and management software are an integral part of our culture and experience.